Friday, 3 February, 2017

The Complutense University of Madrid created a new diploma course in Spanish titled Management, Conservation and Exhibition of Natural Sciences Collections (Diploma en Gestión, conservación y exhibición de colecciones de Ciencias Naturales). Together with the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN), the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid (RJB) and the Geomineral Museum, the intended programme is designed for technicians, undergraduates, graduates (MSc, PhD) and postgraduates to immerse themselves in the workings of biological and geological collections. They are instrumental and invaluable as infrastructures for scientific research and as educational resources. The most relevant collections in Madrid, provided by the programme partners, will be accessible to the participating students.

The training includes classroom lectures, seminars, exercise sessions, guided visits and academic work spanning from the February until May 2017 and comprising of 150 hours in total – including classroom lectures, seminars, exercises sessions and academic work. The aim of the programme is for the students to gain a specialized knowledge about collection management, science communication and the conservation of scientific collections. More information on the programme and course structure in the file and link below. 

Contact: Alfredo Baratas (e-mail:

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