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CETAF and the Institutions of our network, are active taxonomic scientists, publishers, curators and policy advocates. Sharing the results of our research and the relevant information we use, make the collaborative work increasingly visible and more widely spread. The dissemination actions underpin our efforts for enhancing the societal involvement in science and the social awareness of the importance of taxonomy for the sustainability of our planet.

Below, the most relevant set of News concerning CETAF, its Members and other related agents of our scientific community.

  • 02nd Jun, 2017


    The European Journal of Taxonomy has now published its 1000th new species in its latest journal publication documenting the Pristimantis boucephalus sp. nov., or the Bigheaded Rubber Frog, a minute species described by Lehr et al. from the Yanachaga-Chemillén National Park, Peru.

  • 11th May, 2017


  • 18th Apr, 2017


    The third meeting of the BioSyst.EU, which will be held on August 15–18, 2017 at the Wallenberg Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden, will be organised by the Swedish Systematics Association in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. The meeting will feature half-day symposia held by member societies of BioSyst.EU and external organisations as well as open sessions with mixed presentations.

  • 07th Mar, 2017


  • 28th Feb, 2017


  • 03rd Feb, 2017

    The Complutense University of Madrid created a new diploma course in Spanish titled Management, Conservation and Exhibition of Natural Sciences Collections (Diploma en Gestión, conservación y exhibición de colecciones de Ciencias Naturales). Together with the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN), the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid (RJB) and the Geomineral Museum, the intended programme is designed for technicians, undergraduates, graduates (MSc, PhD) and postgraduates to immerse themselves in the workings of biological and geological collections.

  • 22nd Dec, 2016

    In a collaborative effort, the directors of the CETAF member institutions have come together to sign an Executive Summary of the CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan 2015 – 2025. By doing so, they highlight their support to continuing collaboration within CETAF and common endeavours in the years to come. 

  • 21st Dec, 2016

    CETAF has become an associated partner to ENVRIplus, the cluster of European environmental and earth system research infrastructures, and a board member of its advisory panel, the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi).

  • 21st Dec, 2016

    CETAF is proud to announce that on December 8th 2016, the project proposal “” for Belgian natural science collections was greenlighted for funding by BRAIN-be, the Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks of the Federal Science Policy Office.

  • 19th Dec, 2016

    From type and number of collections to laboratories, staff and research areas, any researcher or interested individual will have access to up-to-date information contained in an extensive database of the facilities and resources that CETAF members hold. Find out with just a click what the museums and botanic gardens of CETAF may provide to scientific development.